Have You Failed In Love?

My longest relationship was two and a half years.

He is the person I love most but nobody can tell me what I can and can’t eat.not even him.

It was pretty perfect with him and the dogs but we have different political views and I am not ok with torturing animals with glue traps etc which he is.
I had to be true to myself and my morals and that I wanted to be vegan and he didn’t want to let me.

We could of married and lived perfectly if he would work with me and agree to not do certain things and let me be vegan but we have different beliefs.

I don’t want to use the word fail.

I don’t see it that way.

What about the relationship with ourselves…

I left the person I love most to be true to myself and be the person I want to be with the morals I want to have.

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I still get that look 🙋 ,my gf just has a lot of patience with me lol . Been together 5 years now


I have done pretty well, had lots of casual relationships in my teens and twenties and one serious long time relationship for 9 years 1996-2005, now days i dont bother, dont really want anyone any more, but thats just me!

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Hi everyone. I failed in loving men and women who wanted to love me but I refused to love them. That was a long time ago though. All my ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends failed me. My current lover which is only a girlfriend has not failed me and I have not failed her. I am bisexual. Take care everyone.

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Yes, i did, on a constant basis. :grimacing:

The last man i dated with though was kind, honest, stable, trustworthy…he had a safe attachment style and the both of us had a mature and open communication…i expressed and he respected my boundaries (and vice versa ofc). This all was a gigantic leap from my past dating life of recklessly throwing myself into intense relationships with abusive idiots. So perhaps, one day…

My mother never liked my girlfriends. So it was difficult to built a relationship without her knowing.

Yes. I think I failed though I tried

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I have never come across a man where I didn’t try too hard in the relationship.
It’s really bad.
For my mental health.

Maybe I’m destined to be gay. :frowning:

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eh, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.


definitely a failure here. my longest relationship was 3 years but i hated that relationship. then my rebound was much better but i wanted to move across the country and she wouldn’t come with me. i think to myself i’ll probably be single for life. which means less cleaning and tidying up haha.

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I am currently in love with my gf, but I also have failed in love…the love of my life I thought was Amy back when we broke up I was devastated…but I learned to love again…and again…again…love is worth failing or the chance of failing …love is what keeps me going.

Yeah, four ex-girlfriends tried to kill me. It wasn’t a total loss though, me and #three competed at Ms. Pac Man and it was always a good time until she pushed me out a three story window.

Yes. I thought begging for love was the way to get love. Got so hurt cause I tried too hard and ended up ignored

As far as relationships I have. But I feel like I’ve matured since my twenties and leave a better impression now.

I refuse to totally give up on finding true love.

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I’ve mostly failed at things, but it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I never was in love. Never seen a girl or women that blew me away. Not even interested in somebody that would support me. Want to stay single.