Have you experienced hair loss? How does it impact your self esteem?

I started losing my hair the day antipsychotics were prescribed. The structure of my hair also changed to becoming very dry and brittle along with my nails, and yes, it really affected my self esteem to the point where I didn’t want to face anyone.

I am now new to the wig wearing game and am loving it. It saves so much time in the shower and getting ready in the morning. Prior to my wig wearing I was afraid to shower due to the handfuls of hair that would come out.

I have Three wigs so far (a good one is expensive) and have just ordered another. This is my latest.


Well think about it. Is it possible to harvest a full head of hair from the back of your neck? No!

I’m bald, believe me, I have considered all the options. I tried pills, lotions, shampoos and everything in between. There is nothing that will stop a man from going bald if he has the genetics for hairloss.

As I said, shave it off and accept being bald (not implying you Aziz).


I have a high forehead and lost about an inch on my front bang line in my thirties…still have a head of hair that I hope to keep like my dad did…they say you inherit your mother’s fathers hair…my grandpa had thick hair all the way until he passed…

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Well in that case when im bald i guess ill get boobies. More fun anyway.


My hair is still intact just a bit of receding. I joke with my gf that im glad i met her before i went bald :grin:

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Actually my gf was telling me about someone that does microblading for peoples hair. I was gonna tell my bro cuz hes balding.

I used to have more volume. I feel less like a woman now. Only by a fraction though

I’m bald myself, other than the little bit of hair wrapped around my head. I don’t miss it. I’ve had a bridge replacing three of my four front teeth, and it is bound to fail soon. That will hurt my appearance, but I don’t really care. Judging a person by their looks is so superficial.

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My hair has thinned out a bit, but I haven’t lost any. My dad has all his hair, so apart from greying, I’m not worried.

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I’m balding a bit. Kind of sucks because I was known for my hair when I was in my late teens. Nothing lasts forever I suppose.

Male pattern baldness is a huge issue for men. Most men become very insecure once they start losing their hair.

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My hair has been gradually thinning for the last 15 years or so.

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I like to go bold and shave my hair off, but my partner thinks different about it. She is happy i am shaving my beard regularly. I think woman have bigger hairproblems for reasons i don’t know and don’t want to go into.

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