Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

I’ve experienced a lot of very weird symptoms, and I’m wondering if others have too. They’re all very hard to describe, so here’s my best shot:

  • Mind control: Sometimes I get attacked by one of my voices, and it will start mind controlling me. I feel like I get thoughts planted in my head, I get certain thoughts amplified, I have my train of thought switched around rapidly, and I’m generally made to think things I normally wouldn’t think. At times, I’ll go into a stupor and stare at the ceiling with my mouth hanging open. Other times I’ll feel I’m being stupefied and my thinking is blocked or my memory edited. I also feel weird shifts in my consciousness and perception.
  • Body control: When I get attacked, I also feel the voice controlling my body. My teeth will chatter uncontrollably, my eyelids fall shut, I stumble when walking, and I move my arm in circles.
  • Games: Some of my voices play complicated games with me. They require intelligence, quick thinking, and a good deal of logic to work through. I always think it’s surprising that imaginary voices can formulate such complex games.
  • Weird, uncomfortable feelings: Sometimes I’ll feel like my mind is being amped up or my brain is being squeezed or constricted. These feelings are extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, they’re so weird I don’t know how to really describe them.
  • Shifts in consciousness/energy: Imagine that we are just energy forms, and imagine that your vibrational energy is shifted. I feel this all the time, and it’s usually horrible. I’ll just feel like I’m turning into a lower, duller, blander energy form, or energy is leaking out of my body, or my level of consciousness is decreasing. This has gotten consistently worse over time.
  • Shifts in energy in the world outside you: I’ve often felt the energy of the world around me shift and change pretty dramatically. It’s like everything in reality is altered to match different, distinct energetic patterns. The world just “feels” and looks different. Maybe it’s like the aura of everything changes?

Have you experienced anything like these symptoms? What was it like for you?

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All of that stuff. I do not call them ‘symptoms.’ Most of it I defeated years ago.

Mind Control tech is real, as are demonic forces, and nefarious astral powers that like to play games with peoples minds.

I still occasionally get what you mention in the last 2 which I call dimensional shifts. I have seen everything shift visually like it is shuddering or shimmying …moves from one place to the next for a second. My biggest experience with such a thing was teleporting several hundred feet several times over a 90 minute period. NOT a hallucination, teleportation did occur.
It happened 14 years ago and to this day i don’t know what caused it, an experiment I happened to stumble into, some form of cosmic energies, spirits, or aliens…maybe God himself did it for some reason.
All I know is it took me 90 minutes to get home from a place 10 minutes away and that’s because every time i reached a certain place on the road I was teleported back almost 1000 feet. happened a number of times…finally I broke the cycle and got past the place that seemed to send me back every time…

All the energy stuff, and the weird feelings. No mind or body control. “Games” I am often required to play along with in my dreams. (I experience constant dreams of being captured and then forced to do whatever, or find ways to escape, once I had to undergo these trials and I battled a different kind of demon with a different test every night…that was awful…)

The weird feelings I get people on here said sounded like mania. I also get a weird thing with my head though, but it always felt to me like someone was digging around in my brain. I’d usually get it while talking to entities who then told me they needed to do something to me and then they start messing with my head.

I always feel the energy in the world around me. Lately I don’t feel like I’m my body, I feel like everything and that I’m just stringing my body along like a bead moving a necklace, and all of us are the necklace and our bodies are the beads, but most of us forget we’re the necklace and just think we’re the bead we’re moving, if that makes sense.

This is probably a tough question for many people to answer - they may think that these symptoms are reality - and therefore still have the symptom but not know it.

But - congratulations - it sounds like you’re doing better than most since you recognize these as symptoms.

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Do you feel shifts and consciousness within yourself too? Can you describe what that’s like?

As for the games, are they like logic puzzles or require a good deal of rational reasoning?

I’m sometimes not sure if I’m really psychotic or going through some weird psychic experience, so I’m just looking to see if other schizophrenics also have these symptoms.

Good point!

I’m also actually sometimes unsure if these are symptoms or reality, so it helps to know if others experience these too! I’m trying to sort it all out…

I deal with the same thing…not knowing if I’m psychic or sick…it seems to change based on who I’m talking to, spiritual people tell you you’re psychic and non-spiritual people tell you you’re sick. Pick and choose I guess.

The main feeling I get within myself is that I’m melting into the environment and not an individual thing anymore. Separation gets less and less. The body is a window I look at the world through, not me. That kinda jazz.

The trials and challenges I go through are always different. The demonic trials I went through was a different challenge each night. Usually all were proceeded by a strange occurrence.

  1. Demon of strength. Strange occurrence-I woke up (or so I thought) in bed. I had been having a sleepover with my brother (we did that when younger to watch our fav shows) and saw him still asleep next to me. I noticed the door was open and I closed it. Laid back down. Heard door creak open again. Curious, I closed it. Laid back down but watched door. Saw it slowly go open. I stood up and without thinking words came out of my mouth “I challenge thee” tall shadow being with bright fiery blue eyes stepped into doorway and tackled me onto the bed where I then got sucked into a dream where I was wrestling with it. The dream didn’t end until I won and I woke up feeling exhausted.

  2. Demon of wisdom. Strange occurrence-was in bed again, awake this time. STRANGE noises start up in walls, sound like there’s a thousand rats running through them, slight shaking. Sound stops eventually. I fall asleep later to dream where I was tricked into getting myself chained up. I had to find a way to escape by a certain time or I would never wake up. The demon was an old hag. I managed to escape after much planning.

  3. Demon of fear. Strange occurrence-was woken up by 3 loud knocks on the wall above my bed. Very startled. Lights were flickering in room and I had a bad feeling. When I fell asleep, I was in my house. Went through a series of horrible and scary things happening. Every time I panicked and tried to wake myself up, I would just wake up into another nightmare. The loop only ended after I faced the events without fear.

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had dreams where I was given specific missions or things I had to do to save the day, or else face horrible consequences. It’s the reason why I had a brief delusion where I thought that was me being trained to be a heavenly soldier or something. My dream tests or whatever they are generally test my thinking and problem solving abilities as well as strength, courage and even morality.

It’s exhausting. Those demon trials were something else though. That was just a bad, bad house. I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore.

It’s all so weird. Very helpful to know your experience!

What were the mind control, body control, and games like were you? Can you describe?

Standard stuff.

I can’t wait until the day comes when people actually become interested in the reasoning behind it all. But another thousand years may pass by before that occurs. Thus people will simply continue to think it is nothing but a trivial thing such as a mental illness

Have you personally experienced these symptoms? What was it like for you?

Absolute hell would give a rough description.

If I could have taken the place of say 5,000 of the worst case deaths that occurred during the German Holocaust, as an alternative rather than what I have been put through, then I would have taken it in an instant.

But remember,… nothing compares to you.

If a cruel reality tries to reduce you, there is a reason behind this.

You have what others want to steal from you.

Just audible voices, holograms, electronic signals, some performance testing.
Experiments with sleep deprivation and mocking accusations. I passed but will admit it was difficult, though part was rather fun as well.

Body control I am not sure, maybe demons and alcohol combined…seemed driven to do stuff or go places or thoughts would overwhelm me from dark places…Thank god that was many many years ago.

Actually shamans look into the reasoning. Hasn’t helped though

Thanks for the response.

Is it possible to describe in more detail what your symptoms were like - as in, what exactly you experienced? I’m just curious if your symptoms were like mine!