Have you exercised today?

Yes I didn’t yesterday but today did 25 minutes cycling
Feel a bit better

I had a 1-hour walk in this morning,
then I rode my bicycle at least 1.5 hours
this was great
I am thinking of riding my bike more in the afternoon
it is a very sunny day

I walked back and forth in my room for thirty minutes this morning. It’s not a lot, but it probably burnt a few calories, and it kept me from thinking about eating.

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Nope. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :ocean:

I like to be outdoors, we have nice bicycle paths, when the summer comes, nights are very light and I can ride my bike also at nights. These bicycle rides give me a chance to see other people.

On weekends I take hour long walks about twice a day.

On weekdays I go to martial arts class about three-four times a week for 2-3 hours each day. Intense exercise is horrible but afterwards I feel a definite energy/mood boost and I have close to zero irritability when I’m doing martial arts every day. It’s to the point where my mother periodically pays my monthly dues because I’m way more pleasant and outgoing when I’m active a lot her words. :slight_smile:

I’m still not losing big weight, but my doctor says my blood tests are awesome and that I’m very healthy at the moment.

Yes! :smile: A little.

what kind of martial arts you do? i’ve started with judo, then kyokushin karate, and muay thai, i miss those days, can’t do anything know because of health issues…

i’ve done judo (5 months), karate (5 months) and muay thai (several years now), too! :smiley:

I fear the day I can no longer train…now that I have a taste for it, I’m hooked! Always wanted to try brazilian jiu jitsu but I cannot afford to pay for dual gyms, so right now it’s just the muay thai. I love it, especially the respect and traditional cultural music they play in the ring.

Did you compete? I wish I could, but I’m not good enough…

I just walked for three hours. I’m tired but feeling good :slight_smile: