Have you ever?!

Yes have you ever made a pot of soup?

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Have u ever bungee jumped?


Have you ever ate at costco

No. Have you ever been paranoid about a plane crashing on a flight?

yes but I do not have any fear of death. :imp:

I don’t wanna die yet though.

Have you ever wore a costume?

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Every freaking time.

Have you ever saved anyone’s life?


I have worn a costume . I’ve never saved someone else’s life. Have you ever watched Melrose place?

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I responded to 2 because you both answered the same question.

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have you ever eaten plantain chips?

For those of you who are under 30 Melrose place was a lame prime time ‘soap opera’ that was broadcast in the 90"s. It was garbage.

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I don’t even watch TV

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Have youever gotten high in a hot air ballon?
(High squared)

I haven’t tried plantain chips. Have you ever eaten a family bag of potato chips in one sitting?

No but I will go in a helicopter one day.

I have not yet eaten a big bag of chips but I do eat a lot of chips.

Have you ever been in a helicopter

Nope. Have you ever won money on a slot machine?

yes, three times I won 500$

have you ever been hot like an oven?

kidding… it’s the lyrics I’m listening

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Youre kidding but yes. Have you ever attempted the moonwalk?

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I’m a moonwalk ninja… not only I attempt it, I nail it.

have you ever realized that pasta is from heaven?

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No I don’t believe in heaven. Have you ever enjoyed listening a song but felt shame because the song was so bad?

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LMAO… guilty as charged!