Have you ever

Been walking down the downtown area of your city or in a mall or something, and you’re thinking you’re so cool and good looking and you’ve just said “Hi” to a pretty girl and you’re thinking. “Man girls just love me” but then you pass a store and see a reflection of yourself in the store window and you see a dumpy, funny looking, guy or girl, with a bad haircut looking back at you and then you feel like an idiot for thinking you’re so cool?

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Oh God yes. Spending a lot of time staying indoors will cause that mini delusion, going out and catching your reflection then pops that delusion.

Not really but I farted in an elevator once lol

Yes, I did that when I was younger. Hey, don’t put yourself down because the body is a changeable thing and positive thinking might just get you the look you want if you keep it up.

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