Have you ever wondered if it is OK to call yourself or another person,

Back in the day in early social media days there was this snowboard social site. I was like 15 and this woman sent me a photo of her violin. I was mortified LOL


Haha. Nah. More of a pretend demisexual. I used to be very flirtatious and could quickly be attracted to someone based on physical attraction…and got myself into a shitload of idiotic situations with that…and decided I needed to force myself into demisexuality. Staying celibate for a couple of years and meds did kind of make that easier. And it fits how I want to date. But I’m not naturally demisexual. (At all. :))

I just think…hm…there’s parts of a man’s body that are attractive to look at…and then there’s parts that you can use in all sorts of fun ways…but I do not necessarily enjoy looking at them. When sent by random strangers.

(OK. That was tmi, probably. Happy to be anonymous.)


Thats illegal dude, what is it with this older woman teen guy thing. Some school teacher just got arrested in the town i live in. She was in her late 30s he was 16

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Also. Guys tend to send these pics in random moments to random strangers with no introduction.

There’s looking at someone’s private parts when you are aroused and in bed with them. That works.

And there’s looking at them, when you are unaroused and doing something completely different…folding your laundry…or reading pubmed studies…or sitting in the coffee bar with your colleagues. That is comparable to someone dropping their pants in the middle of a bar or a supermarket. It does nothing other than: wtf are you doing?! Get away from me. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah I don’t know if a girl sent me nude photographs of herself while we were talking before dating I don’t know if that would help me understand her better or even be interested

Its kind of weird!

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I agree with @sweetpotatofries too

Better to see each other irl, when feels right.



Yeah. Well. Every adult can do whatever they like. But. Consent. I do not drop my pants in the middle of a supermarket to push my lady bits in someone’s face. Likewise, I do not send them genital pics unsollicated.


Trying to bring new people into this drama is attention seeking. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about your genitala. You need therapy, not the advice of strangers.

You’ve already said in the past you were tempted to post those pics on the forum. If that isn’t attention seeking, I don’t know what is.

I’m done with this. Stop posting about your genitals and get therapy.

Btw, don’t bother sending me another oneof your trademark " you’re mean" PMs. I’ll suspend you for a week or a month.