Have you ever won anything?

I once went to a Chamber of Commerce event with my husband.

It was Jimmy Buffett themed.

Like most events like that,

They had a table of offerings from local business, donated to raffle.

It had all sorts of stuff.

Good stuff, like gift certificates, wine, even some jewelry.

Also crap stuff, like pool floaties, a radio flyer (we do not have children) and lots of tacky “Margaritaville” related things.

The later the night got,

Everyone started to wonder about the raffle.

I mean, they had to raffle off every item and there was a ton of stuff.

So, they ran their program too long and decided to just give all that ridiculous ■■■■ to one “lucky” winner.

The pulled a number and to my surprise, someone from my table won!

Then, to my horror, I realized it was my own husband.

We had to pack up all that crap, drag it to the car in the radio flyer, make several trips and not a single person helped us.

We got lots of “congratulations!” though.


Anyway, the only things we used were the cards, wine and eventually I tried to use the radio flyer to help move boxes back when we got a new place.

It made exactly two trips to the moving truck before two wheels popped off.

Thank god there wasn’t a toddler in it.

So, that’s one of the greater wins in my life,



No, only once when i was a kid at the every year shooting festival in the neighbour village.

A Headphone.

And first time i played lottery, i got not as much money back as i payed, so no win.

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I have pretty good luck at Chinese basket auctions and have won probably about 6 baskets in the past five years. I won a football themed basket, a lottery basket and a Mother’s Day basket from what i recall.

Years ago I almost won a car. A restaurant chain had a scratch off ticket that I matched and I went to an event where we pulled keys out of hat to try to start a PT Cruiser. About 30 people tried it before someone got the right key. There was other stuff I won that day as a consolation prize like video rental tickets and free food. It was a really fun and memorable day.

When I was 24 or 25 I won first place in a ping pong tournament at a church day program. I also came in first in a chess tournament when I was in third grade.

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when I was about 11, my dad won the pharmacy raffle. won me two yellow scout ten speed bicycles…made me year or years to come on those bikes. I won the kentucky derby one time.

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I won 500 on a scratch off once. I’m actually way in the green when it comes to scratch offs. I’ve won 100 and 50 several times and I almost never buy more than one at a time. I’ve also only ever bought 1 scratch off that cost more than 5 dollars. Didn’t win anything on that one.

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I won an amazon echo, but I thought it was tapped and give back to amazon.

Edit: I was in full blown psychosis when this happen.


a friend I had and I won best dressed at a night club once.

Prize was tickets to sleaze ball which apparently is one of the marti gras gay festival balls.
We were taken in a limousine.

He was dressed in drag.:slightly_smiling_face:
We were glittering.

Honestly we could have been more creative.
We were not being creative just dressing nicely.
It’s a miracle we won.
We we’re almost tie with a group of people.

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Concert tickets to Indian musicians.

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I won a tanning bed.

Best grow-op light ever.

Yes, I was young and stupid.


I won medals and trophies for sports when I was young.

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I won a second place ribbon for a mile run and then third place for 800 meter dash back to back in one day. Then passed out afterward’s.

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I won a lottery of 500 rupees ticket was of 40 rupees.

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I have won an award of merit twice at the state fair art exhibit. I also won a special award there.

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I have won several things. If I can enter for free I put in. I won a keurig coffe maker, a fridge, a couple knives, a racing bike. A beer cooler with a stereo in it. Concert tickets to see Pink Floyd. I won lots of BMX trophies as a kid. I’ve won a few grand playing craps the one time I went to a casino. I won 5 grand on a scratch off ticket once. One time I found a $100 bill on the beach in Florida. But ide gladly trade that luck for my physical and mental health, because that’s where my luck runs thin.


I love pink Floyd!:love_you_gesture:t4::two_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:


I have won towels, red ones. It was on bingo.

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Yes 15 characters

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I’ve played a lot of cricket over the years and that includes some seasons where we won the grand final. Didn’t happen too much as I played the lower grades and we lost all the good players to higher grades. Still. It was good to contribute to the team and actually win our competition for the season.

My biggest cash win was $680. That wasn’t a bad day.

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Ive won the biggest stuffed animals at the amusement park. One playing a crossbow game, another with a baseball, and my fave the stand the bottle up with a stick that has a string with a ring on it.

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