Have you ever thought

That you would go to sleep, and just never wake up? I’ve been awake for quite some time now and I did a little research about the matter. I found out that Queen Elizabeth I, also stayed up for hours, feeling that pull of death everyone has at some point in their lives. You know, that premonition feeling? She actually stayed up for 15 hours, because she knew after she’d fall asleep, she’d never wake. I just fear that I can suddenly lose my life. I hardly reflect on this sort of stuff so that I can embrace the life I have. But I’m suddenly more “aware” of the prospects of death. I’m not afraid of death. I know I’ll be leaving everything in order, when the time comes. But it’s leaving my family that I can’t shake. Do these thoughts and feeling mean, I need to spend more time with my family? Cause we haven’t lately. I don’t know just can’t rest for such thoughts.

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