Have you ever thought of some people as being doll-like?

Not thought of as being fleshly and treated more like a toy robot.

Is this supposed to be something good?

Sure but in my house if you want to be doll like, you get put on the shelf.


you are funny :slight_smile:

I don’t like dolls. Creeps me out. I don’t like stuffed animals either. I hoard make up products, pretty office stationery, art material and fonts.

and those porcelain dolls are like so creepy.


No, not good. Tragic.

Not sure about toy robot but most celebrities look like 100% perfect dolls. And people love it!

Nobody ever said society doesn’t get sadistic. Being a celebrity is nothing personal.

That woman is sick, the plastic surgeon’s need to be psychologically evaluated for doing this to her.
Is that even real?

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awwwww =(

you don’t use instagram I guess. ?! she is still considered pretty normal