Have you ever thought hard (help for people with voices)

Does nothing change in your schizophrenia situation. Do you talk to your voices all day. Do you fight persecutory thoughts all day long. Have you ever sat down and thought hard to figure out a plan on what to do with your situation. I did today. And when I did I understood I was ill. Not just thought it, I understood it. You have to stand on the firm ground that your ill. If you do, your nonsense delusions will not control you. People with schizophrenia have poor insight. Usually with schizophrenia there is a positive and negative thought, the positive thought being you and the negative thought being the voice. I know so many people overlook believing the voice is not real, but those people have poor insight that is a symptom of schizophrenia. Don’t do that. You need to completely and utterly understand the voice is not real, even with all the evidence shown in your situation. The evidence you see is just lies you believe in to explain the things you can not understand. You have to unbelief in the voice. You can’t stop a eagle from flying over your head, but you sure can stop it from nesting in your head. With people who have hallucinations it may be a littler harder to unbelief in them, and some hallucinations may be out of your control


Good for you. I hit that conclusion a while ago. The less I pay attention to my voices the softer and less hurtful they become. I still have them, I use them as a stress indicator. When I’m getting stressed, they will start to get loud.

They are usually loud before any other stress trigger goes, so they have sort of become my indicator instead of my down fall. I use them as my insight… :smiley:


I am not far in my disease but I do know that stress makes the voices louder. Lately I have been hearing voices coming from the television telling me to hurt myself like the other voices do. I told my doctor but he just nodded and didn;t say anything. Is this normal the course of the disease?

i think i have great insight but in the mist of sch confusion my delusions tend to take over. there are times when i think about being schizophrenic a lot and other times when im busy with this and that but your right you have to remeber that schiz is quite serious and look after yourself as best you can.

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