Have you ever taken anybody to psych ward

I have, I may have already written about it, but here it is again. I once took my father to our psych unit through a doctor at one hospital. I visited him every day and once at the ward he became angry that he was not able to leave. At that time he stayed there one month or so.

I’ve driven people to ER… and I’ve visited my youngest brother when he was in the hospital. But I’ve never taken family to the ward.

I can imagine taking a parent could be a very hard thing to do…

I think that it was the best choice at the time. My father really needed it.

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In my line of business I had several that initiated their entrance into the hospital. I have also completed many 70-30 exams for the court.

No. I have been taken but never have I taken someone else. That would kind of be funny if I ever had to though.

I sorry that you have had to take your dad though. That would be hard I think.

Once my father was taken to a mental evaluation by two cops and after that he was taken to a metal hospital by two cops and two emergency people. Things like that has happened. Well, the long time has passed and now my father lives happily at the elderly care facility. I visit him weekly.

ER also contacted the police and psychiatric emergency team as is all the protocols here. Most of that was regarding a suicidal neighbour (borderline personality disorder(I think)).