Have you ever slept somewhere foreign?

like crashed at a friends house or something, then when you wake up you wonder, where am i? for a few seconds? happened to me multiple times.


Yes I know the feeling…

Once I even slept in a stranger’s house in Latvia because I missed my Coach to get Estonia.


That’s what I used to be like.

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That’s happened to me a bunch of times, but one instance in particular really shook me up. I was in a hotel room in Rome, which had no windows, and I woke up in the middle of the night and it was pitch black and I had NO idea where I was. For some reason my memory just would not kick in. I got out of bed and stumbled around in the dark and couldn’t find a light. I remember it so vividly because I was absolutely panicked. I finally found a television set and felt around for the buttons and got it to turn on. It was super scary. I don’t know why that happened.


One summer night I slept out in my car , while traveling through Roswell New Mexico. Spooky!!!

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Frequently. It mostly happens in my own house if I fall asleep someplace weird like the sofa or at my desk. But it always happens if I sleep at someone else’s house.

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