Have you ever seen the past? I did last week

I was waiting for the bus when this geezer starts yelling at a woman some 100 metres away. She doesn’t appear to hear him and as I watch her calmly walking away, almost otherworldly, I realise I’m watching something that is literally taking place in the past. It’s not deja vu, I’ve never seen the scene before, rather, I’m having a peek into the past. The experience only lasted a few seconds. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Everything takes place in the past as one of the conditions of indirect reality is theres a delay in the mind perceiving the world. So im not sure if youre trolling or you are suggesting youre having a hallucination that you are interpreting as seeing into the past, or if what you saw was real and you have an unusual belief. But i have never experienced it.

What I mean is that for a few seconds I was convinced and amazed that the real life scene I was witnessing was literally, not a memory or deja vu, taking place in the past.

It happened once, when I was high on Marijuana. It was more like I saw time repeat itself. I saw a car pull out, pass me by, and then in that exact moment, I turned right, and the same thing happened again–same car, same moment. I saw time loop/or repeat itself as if I was in a vortex separate from what was happening. I have not tried to repeat that experience. I believe meditation and hypnosis can make us learn how to become closer to moments and time. Time is not necessarily a fixed state–we’re all staring at clocks, but it’s still a collective perception, and moving away from a collective perception is a form of time travel.

Were either of the characters in your perception wearing period dress or anything else indicated they were not from the present?

I’ve experienced that too, in my case it was scenes from a movie I was watching.

No, just the conviction and “feeling” that I was peeking directly into the past.

Someone told me once that deja vu was caused by your brain reading short term memories from your long term memory. This creates the perception that the event happened before rather than in the present. I think thats just some guy i knew theory. Ive never tried to verify it. But maybe something like that happened to you.

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I’m not sure scientifically speaking how it happens, but I feel like I’ve done the same thing before.

Almost like time is looped and there are only minor differences that distinguish it from the previous time, then it continues to progress.

Maybe the realization that I’ve done the same thing before is the anomaly.

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