Have you ever seen the med's as punishment?

A lot of the time an out of control patient can be very hard to deal with, and psychiatrists take the brunt of that out of control behavior. Sometimes a psychiatrist must think, “I have got to get some med’s into him before he makes me as crazy as he is.” Do you think the psychiatrist is giving the med’s as punishment, and not as therapy? Sometimes I think psychiatrists do cross over the line as give med’s as punishment and not as therapy. I know their job is hard, but do you want them to give you med’s as punishment? Do you want them to give med’s to your kids as punishment, and not as therapy? We need to maintain the utmost standards of medical discretion in psychiatry.

I got a haldol shot more or less as punishment for arguing with one of the staff when I was in the hospital. But what ya gonna do?

Yeah, i think that all the time.

Yes at the beginning of my illness when I had no insight.

It is something that has to be corrected, because we can’t have medical professionals giving med’s as punishment, and not as therapy.


Yeah, I agree. They have an awful lot of power to dispense meds that arent even necessarily needed in a psyche ward. I’m still not happy about it as it was before my trial to determine if i would be involuntarily put on invega sustenna. And I was not a threat to anyone. She just did it because she didn’t want to argue. But like I said, what ya gonna do.

The med’s have a profound effect on every aspect of the patient’s health. They affect the patient’s body temperature control mechanisms so that he is likely to get pneumonia if he is outside in the winter, and heat stroke if he is outside in the summer. They affect the patient’s mind. I completely lose any creativity I have when I am on a typical antipsychotic. I am virtually unemployable. The typical antipsychotics are a chemical lobotomy for me.


Sz is nature’s reality check, ap meds are manmade eternal punishment.

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I don’t want to offend anybody but I see meds as a reward lately because they wipe out my positives totally. I don’t see any reason to play with madness if it can be avoided. Lately the negatives also have improved but the cognitive have worsened a little bit. If I hadn’t cooperated with my nurse I wouldn’t have seen the day where I got decreased from 300 mg clopixol weekly to 500 mg. Clopixol every 3 week and the decrease of Geodon from 240 mg to 160 mg. The only meds that I got increased the last decade was seroquel from 50 mg. To 600 mg.

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Yes I thought they were just giving me meds to get me to gain weight for a while. Also to increase my risk of diabetes. Seroquel also made me constipated I should probably get looked at for hemorrhoids. I have thought they were putting stuff in my meds a few times.

Maybe sometimes.

I was punished a few times in the psych hospital.

All kinds of ‘unknown’ drugs were given to me by staff.

A few times I was given high doses of Haldol and Ativan also.

I was forcibly given a Haldol shot once for disagreeing with a nurse in the hospital once. They had like 6 guys hold me down while they injected me. I was sitting peacefully in my room reading when they came up to do it. The argument was long over. I know it was done out of spite because the situation had deescalated by the time they gave me the shot. So that time was for punishment.

They give med’s for punishment and great candy’s if you have a good behavior as a therapy LOL! :grin:

Clopixol is a good med I have been used it about 12 years but I’ll be never go back to using it ever again because I never go backward in my life and do mistake’s more than twice but Clopixol was not a mistake just saying. Currently I’m with Xeplion about 3.7 years after the psychiatrist on the hospital change it to me I was not happy anymore like on Clopixol I was hate this doctor so much he was very mean to me like the same as the evil psychiatrist on my clinic that I always going I wish all the time god to send me and change to a good and a kind psychiatrist but the staff there said to me she’s the only doctor who’s works there and also the senior doctor.