Have you ever seen the med's as punishment, and not therapy?

One time I was in the hospital, and I was calling “Amnesty International”, because I was sure they were going to rape me. But it was a fund raising number, not a reference number. I tried to make a joke to break the ice. I said, “We have Daniel Ortega here, and we’re going to shoot him in the head if you don’t investigate my situation.” (Daniel Ortega was the leader of the Nicaraugua Sandinista government at the time.) The head nurse heard me say something about shooting someone in the head, and she told me I was going to be put on Haldol. She told me nicely, but I was so angry about that decision. I told her “I was going to remember this, and I was going to remember her.” I could see how she might take that as a threat of violence, but I meant it more like I would take her to court if I could. I hate it when someone does something horrible to you in a nice voice. I got off the med. the first chance I got. Anyway, I went to this assisted living center in a small town where I behaved very, very badly. I won’t go into specifics. I never singled anyone out for my anger, though. I did take it out on a lot of store clerks, but I had no single person as a target. That was eighteen years ago.

When are meds ever used as punishment?.. That’s delusional…

Hmmm seclusion room shot to the ass.

Because of the amount of mass shootings that have happened, it’s definitely not something you want to joke about. Just like if you joke about a bomb on an airplane, they’ll land the plane at the closest airport and detain you. The world isn’t how it used to be anymore. Some schools are even allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom as protection for the kids due to all the school shootings! Crazy stuff! It really is a sad reality now!! :confused:

This was about twenty years ago. I think that in this context there was no need to take action. I mean, could I have possibly gotten hold of a gun where I was? Maybe if she was worried about something like that she could have asked one of the counselors to sit down with me and sound me out on the subject. I don’t think it rose to the level of being a serious threat that she needed to treat with a major tranquilizer. I think that her real problem with me was that I was being too agitated, but it wasn’t like I was running up and down the hall. I was just calling Amnesty International on the phone again and again, admittedly, a pain for them, but all she had to do was give me a stern warning that I needed to stay away from the phone.

They continued to give me a shot every day the whole time I was there. It could have been because I was so terse with her.

That makes total sense then, she definitely could have handled that differently. I thought you meant a little more recent.

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The medication sedates me.

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