Have you ever saved an animal's life? How about a person's life?


Oh! I just remembered! I found a cockatiel in my parents’ garden! I saved it! We even found a new home for it! :smiley:

Someone had let it out. They probably went on a vacation or something and didn’t care about it enough to let it live. :angry: Thank god it was summer and it found us. It was so scared.


I saved a very malnutrited kitten last summer. Took me over seven hours of digging in blackberry bushes to save him. When I got him home I gave him food and water. he was so skinny, and covered in sap and dirt.

I’m still convinced somebody abandoned the kitten in the bushes, he was far to young to be away from his mom and her milk. subsequently he suckles the air whenever he’s happy to this day.

Other then that, once I helped a friend through his first manic episode. Had to call the ambulance once he started ■■■■■■■ around with a knife. He wasn’t in a good place. Anyways a few weeks later he was out of the hospital and properly medicated.


I think I saved a girl’s life in an indirect way. There was this girl at the assisted living center where I lived that had terrible diabetes. She had these huge, gaping diabetic ulcers on her legs. She would buy a two liter bottle of diet Mountain Dew, and drink the whole thing before lunch. One day I noticed that she was fixing to drink a two liter bottle of regular Mountain Dew. I told her that she shouldn’t do that, and she ignored me. So I told staff. The diabetic girl got very angry with me. She told me that as long as I am snitching, I should snitch on myself for drinking. (I’ve since reformed.) Drinking was going to kill me in fifteen years or so. That regular Mountain Dew was going to kill her that very day. I can sympathize with the girl, though. I know how strong a craving can be. What did make me angry was this other girl giving me the third degree for being a snitch. She would say things like, “Let’s go outside, so we don’t have to stand next to the snitch.” Her nose automatically went up in the air every time she saw me. Then I heard that the diabetic girl was taken to the emergency room three weeks later with a blood sugar level over five hundred. She’s probably in a nursing home now, if she lived.


I stopped a guy from committing suicide on the trolley a few years back. He had these rubber cords and somehow tied knots to asphyxiate himself. He tied them around his legs and neck. At first I thought he might be preparing himself for heroin. There weren’t many people on the trolley but he started gasping then turning purple. He passed out and I untied them carefully so as not to disturb him.

He woke up a couple minutes later and asked if I was an angel. I think he may have been on drugs or mentally ill. I told him I wasn’t and asked him if he was alright. He let out a gasp because his legs had become numb and painful probably from being wrapped around the cords. He told me he was trying to commit suicide because people were out to get him. He seemed like a gangster. I didn’t ask.

I told him that I lost a friend to suicide and that I’m sure someone cared about him. He hobbled off on the next stop and left the cords. I don’t know what became of him later though before he left he thanked me. As far as saving animals, I once found a rooster that was really beat up, broken legs, bloodied and all. Someone must have used him in a cockfight. Anyway I took him in and nursed him back to health. He flew over the fence to my neighbors house once he regained his health and lived happily ever after with the hens. My neighbors were okay with it.


I saved my neighbors cat from being tore up by my pit. I held her back and kept slapping her head till she listened lol. This stupid cat would not jump out of my yard so I went to open the gate for it and it jumped at me and scratched me on my shoulder and arm. That’s how he thanked me for saving him.


I saved a small black boy from hanging off a three story stairway…I grabbed him and pulled him back from over the rail and yelled at him that I was going to tell his mother…he yelled back at me as he jumped on his bike and rode off…

another time I saved a boy in a bad custody case for my gf. I had to take out a loan of $1000 which was a lot of money back in 1992. got the boy back from an honery ex husband that kidnapped the boy on a visitation…kept the boy ducking in cars when they drove…stuff like that…not good…I feel very good about these two boys…


I saved my daughter’s life. When she was 3 months old she went blue and floppy and stopped breathing in her sleep. I had to give her CPR and she started breathing again.


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals. We saved a few kittens one time when the mother got hit and the kittens were still in the nursing phase. We just bought one of those small bottles and feed them with that. We put a heating pad down under the blankets and then also gave them a stuffed animal to curl up with. We also had outdoor cats that would occasionally abandon their kittens so we would bottle feed them too.
My mom saved a bunch of turkeys once. Our neighbor ran over the mother in the tall weeds. My mom took the eggs and put them under the chickens. The chickens seemed to know no difference. Even after they hatched, they stayed around.


Holy moly. This explains a lot.

My two year old cousin fell into a whirlpool when I was six and I pulled him out.

I found my cat Puck in a parking lot after a blizzard. He was an orphaned kitten, about 4 weeks old, and lost part of his tail to frostbite. The vet said he wouldn’t have survived more than a few hours more out there.

He saved my life, too. A few years before he died, he woke me up when my upstairs neighbor’s apartment caught on fire. He wouldn’t let me go back to sleep - it was 4 am and I very much was not interested in what he was trying to tell me.


I saved the life of a cerebral palsy kid who lived in my street when I was little. He fell into the river near our houses, wheelchair and all. Ran for help and my dad managed to save him. Was close though. Very scary.

Of course, I’m also the one who accidentally pushed him in so this might not count :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


My mother called me and wanted me to bring her some Kentucky Fried Chicken. I lived 4 hours away. She insisted. We were having a snow storm. She didn’t care.I knew something was wrong, my mother would never ask for such a thing. So I jumped in the car. By the time I got to her house she was barely breathing. She was oxygen deprived from severe pneumonia. Luckily we made it to the hospital in time. She lived to see another good 15 years.


I saved an animals life once too but the story would be kind of triggering.

So I won’t share.

The guy who was responsible for trying to kill the animal was shot and killed by the Police several years ago. He was a bad guy.


I don’t know if I saved this dogs life but here’s what happened. When I was a park ranger, the park I patrolled had a narrow wooden walkway that extended well into the baylands with a railing on both sides. It was all marsh.

I was just ending my shift at about 8:00 pm and some lady frantically ran up to me and told me her dog had climbed through the railing and jumped in the baylands and she didn’t see him or know where he was. So I followed her out on the walkway and we walked up and down calling the dogs name and after a few minutes we heard a faint whimper and I looked over the railing for the dog.

I still couldn’t see it but I knew he was right below so I climbed over the railing myself and jumped down to find him. I looked for a couple minutes and then I saw him. He was laying without moving on his side on a little dirt shelf above the water. He was an older dog and I deduced he had used all his energy to crawl up the dirt and he was spent. He was a Labrador retriever. I got close to him to pet him and comfort him.

I called the lady over and I told her I would pick up the poor dog and hand him to her. I was in my late thirties and a lot stronger than I am now so I scooped him up and he was kind of heavy but the both of us were able to wrestle him back up and over the railing and back on the walkway. The dog was muddy and wet and exhausted but after a few minutes he was able to stand. And soon he got his strength back and he was able to slowly walk.

The owner was so happy and relieved. If I hadn’t been there would have been no one to help her and I guess the dog would have froze or who knows what else. The lady was so grateful and she thanked me. Then she handed me a five dollar bill for rescuing her dog. But our company policy was that we could not accept money for anything we did and even if she only gave me a nickel I wasn’t supposed to take it but she insisted that I take it so to make her feel good I took it.

So she left and I got back in my truck and patrolled the park and then I drove to the front gates at the entrance to the park and locked up the park and headed back to the office. I got back and I wrote a note to my boss explaining what happened and I taped the five dollars to the report. My next shift my woman boss had me tell her the story and she chided me for accepting the money and of course I couldn’t keep it.

But it was a little adventure that ended well and I was kind of proud of myself.


This is hilarious and so like a cat.


In twelfth grade I took a trip to the seaside with classmates. I got in the water carrying a girl on my shoulders, cause she couldn’t swim and she was afraid of going in by herself. I advanced until the water level reached my chest. The sea was calm but all of a sudden, an underwater current stole a huge lump of sand from under my feet. I fell to my knees and couldn’t get back up because the girl had panicked and was hindering my moves. Luckily, another guy that was with us saw the scene and came to our rescue. He took the girl away from danger and I was able to stand again.
Thank you Cristi ! I am forever in your debt, man !


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