Have You Ever Met Your Doppelganger?

Four years ago at a grocery store I heard someone say “You got to be kidding me. Come on” :apple:

Turned around and saw “my twin” with a shopping cart.

Two days later I tripped over my shoelace and fell down a bunch of stairs. Read on the internet that if you meet someone that looks like you then back luck will come. :pouting_cat:

Has that ever happened to you?

plenty of us to be found unfortunately with double gainerswe didn’t find many of them just outsiders state or county and once in awhile in our own hometown so how many times has this happened to you once twice is there a cloning machine out there

That’s a concept i’ve struggled with. Cloning. I’ve met a ton of people who are in perfect resemblance to others, The only time I’ve “tried” to see a doppelganger was when i vocally asked someone if they thought our likenesses where similar, They said “what… hell no”
-Turn down for what- Hhahahah