Have you ever heard?

Depressions can be addictive, like any other addiction.
Is addiction obsessive compulsive ?

I think there’s a little more complexity to the patterns of addiction than obsessive compulsive disorder :slightly_smiling_face:. Speaking as someone who experiences both.

With addiction Theres a whole thinking/guilt/reasoning/arguing/bargaining process to every time you use or think about using when you are trying to not use.

With ocd it’s more compulsory like it says in its name. I think addiction is just a bit more complex :thinking: while ocd is less conscious more automatic.

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Like addiction is consciously and ocd unconsciously?

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Yeah I mean there’s probably a physical aspect to addiction just as there’s a more mental aspect to ocd. But I’d say the other ways around are more pronounced.

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whether it would become habit forming, or not

sounds like there might be some similarities

but as someone who struggles, nobody has

ever told me I may have OCD.

I worked with clients who had it

but I never personally related to it

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Thank you so far. I want a kebab right know. Come back to you. :no_mouth:

I think it might be a matter of ocd isn’t as damaging as an alcohol or drug relapse but like counting in intervals of 3 12 and 15 doesn’t worry me as much as relapsing on something that’s gonna kill me. So I think we give in to the ocd thoughts easier. “I’m gonna relapse on heroin…noooooo…maybe a little bit…noooo…ok I’ll go to a meeting…etc…” is the life of an addict on a day by day basis. I don’t worry about my ocd it’s just annoying and a little mad imo.

Now tell me what you think the similarities of thinking and differences are @Daze

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What I recall from a guy who had it

it was his underwear, totally freaking out over one string loose

on his underwear, constantly examining them in his drawer

I was so mad when other staff hid them from him
then he really did freak out

so it was like his ritual, so if you compare my drinking beer
or smoking cigarettes, that’s my mental preoccupation

or something I always think about, when’s the next drink?

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Yeah fortunately I just count my steps and have to step on the cracks. Oops must have broken my mother’s back a trillion times. I count the cracks, the trees, and light poles etc as I walk or drive by or ride in the car. For every step I have to count. I do it in intervals of 3, 12 and then plus 3 more. It doesn’t bother people much because I just do it in my head. Don’t go out of my way to do it like that guy. I guess I’m lucky in that sense. I can just stay in my ocd world no one says anything so I don’t fight it. My substance abusing would be more noticeable and damaging.

you are who you are, I’ve stopped thinking anything is strange

even my docs just accept me

this guy I mentioned, he had mild MR too.

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I’ve done this since I was six. It used to be worse. I used to count the amount of syllables and letters in a sentence. I’d hope for the sentence to have the letters and syllables divisible into each other. That way it’d be a “perfect sentence”. But stopped that a long time ago because it bothered me. Haven’t been able to stop counting steps and stuff.


He was a big guy too

and I was always worried someone was going to get hurt

they gave us classes on restraint, but it’s not seen good today

your’e not supposed to do that.

I am back from the store. You complicate to much. You lost me. I am not smart enough to comprehend it all.:persevere:


well, you never can predict what anyone will say

and I can’t be certain what you’ll like or follow.

Gratitude! Ocd can be as damaging as addictive substance abuse. I think ocd and addiction is the same with your help. Thanks for your replies. This forum is like SA schizophrenic anonymous.

What’d you get at the store?

just wondering.

I’m nosy.

A kepab or donar. Yummy! Its a middle eastern dish

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yeah, that sounds tasty.

Phil’s gotta have fresh coffee and meal every day

but I survive on leftovers, I hate throwing anything away.

I always eat on small plates, but he prefers the big ones with 3 sides and bread.

Who is phil? When i may ask

oh he’s my live in man

we’re in serious relationship

He’s a fairly good cook