Have you ever had homicidal thoughts? Poll

I was losing it, like really losing my grip and had serious thoughts of taking a life. It made me so incredibly shocked, sad, afraid, disgusted that my mind could go there. I immediately called for help and my thoughts straightened back out quickly. But I’m wondering have you ever struggled with this?

  • I’ve had serious homicidal thoughts
  • I have not had serious homicidal thoughts

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No homicidal thoughts for me but I’ve had suicidal thoughts plenty of times before.

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i fought with serious homicidal thoughts myself. the voices were not nice and always talking about ways of hurting people.

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Usually homicidal voices against my grandma.
But in the past, I have heard voice to push a friend
to the cliff.

Sometimes i have vivid images in my mind with blood


When I am having an episode they are the norm sometimes I have homicidal and suicidal thoughts at the same times I feel like wanting to die and wanting to murder it is very crazy

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I have homicidal thoughts fairly often. Probably a leftover from my youth when the only acceptable emotions were anger and hate. Obviously I’ve never acted on any of these thoughts, although a few times I’ve been close. These thoughts don’t particularly bother me.

Yes I get homicidal thoughts placed in my head quite a bit

I have once or twice before… I ignore it. I will never hurt anyone.

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Not remembering it… my psych once told me she was worried I would do something to her, but she told me she wasn’t afraid. But I told here I would never do that. Other than that, in a psychosis I do not remember things very well. At least, not everything, feels like a black screen when i want to recall what happened to me for a while. So no conscious thought, but I did have a few neurosis’s in the past which came close, but was able to keep these neurosis in check (also on myself) they are not thoughts but simply wrong brain chemistry. But in psychosis I would rage… so anyone near would walk away from me, so there is little chance something would have happened… in any case, if someone is raging: stay clear from them. Do not approach unless you are a medical professional or officer.

Yes - Towards people that harm children in any way. Be it emotional or physical - you harm a hair on the head of a little one on my watch - and im liable to batter you and pay anonymous to ruin your financials.

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But these people are ill and sick as well. Normal person would never do that.

Same here. If I ran to my pdoc every time I was having suicidal thoughts I never would leave the psychiatric ward.


I get homicidal thoughts all the time. I never act on them of course, but frequently I get worked up about people or situations to the point where I would love to just snap out. I used to be a pretty violent person, and now I’m mostly not, but some things just set me off.

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