Have you ever had a tab?

o it seems so glamorous. ever watched a tv show or movie back in the day? they would always say “put it on my tab” haha. i really didn’t know what a tab was, or how someone could order something and not pay. i remember in college my roommate used to open up a tab at the bar, and pay it off when the night was over. me, i always paid as i went and have never opened up a tab!

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i never did but had friends do that. theyd reach the end of the night and be like oh i owe 700 dollars lol.

I knew this gangster dude long time ago, on his birthday he had a 6 thousand dollar bar tab. he was buying drinks for everyone.
one guy refused his drink so he beat him up with a chair.
bad boys bad boys whatchya gonna do lol


yeah my roommate used to run up like $100 or $200 bucks a night. i used to think that was alot because im broke all the time. i’ve never spent more than $40 bucks at the bar. funny thing i was working and he wasn’t, i guess he had rich parents.

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Yes I have. I put my credit card behind the bar and ran up a tab. Then they ran the credit card through at the end of the night. This was in my 20s when I had a well paid job.


haha being broke kept me sober. i remember i only bought a women a drink once. it was her birthday and she was wearing this bright yellow shirt she wanted everybody to sign, so i signed it and bought her a drink.

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The key to avoiding a tab is to get drunk off steel reserve or four loko in the alley way outside of the bar then go in. I don’t think I ever spent more than like $20 at a bar in my early 20’s. But no I’ve never had a tab.


My friends did this in bars. I feel bad bcz I never paid them back or did the same for them. I wasn’t able to work. But I asked them how much I owe them and they always said nothing. Sometimes I paid for my own drinks as they didn’t always enforce this tab thing on me.

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I thought you were talking about the soda

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I used to work at a convenience store where the employees and some of the regulars had IOU books where we wrote up anything but lottery tickets, and paid come payday.

I also had a tab with my dealer back when I was an addict. But with him I dared not miss a payment, and he put a cap on it, so after a certain point I had to pay cash if I wanted anything.
Which is fair. He was a nice guy who was under the pressure from not nice people, and he said he’d rather not be forced by them to break my thumbs.

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