Have you ever gone to the hospital when you didn’t need to?

What about not going when you really really needed it.

I understand why some people don’t wanna go when they need it. There’s a pride factor.

My first 6 hospitalizations were not voluntary but the last two were. I maybe could have avoided those but they helped a lot anyways.

Every time I should have gone to the hospital but I didn’t, I still eventually had to go. I never “recovered” on my own from a bad episode. Always got forcibly hospitalized later on.


Both times was in hospital really needed it

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I’ve always really needed it when I was hospitalized. I also was refused a few times when I also really needed to be in hospital.

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First time I def needed to go I was completely in another world and seriously vulnerable. Second time I could have just been treated by the crisis team but they thought otherwise since they found me half naked on the floor in a park. Third time was good they just got the crisis team to visit me.

Edit actually I think I needed hospital second time but just for a week not three

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I have never been in hospital apart from a mandatory med change. I used to hear voices non stop and believe in all sorts of things but I think people just did not really know how bad I was.

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