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Online games of chance are generally banned in the states. Some games of skill like backgammon are allowed.

We used to be able to play Texas Holdem for cash prizes but apparently the big wigs in Vegas put a stop to that.

In before lock…

Back in like 2008 when Full Tilt Poker was a thing.

It was around $50.


Someone else did using one of my credit cards. Been fighting to get the charges removed for nearly a month. Really pizzed over it.

If you ever visit Finland, you’ll notice how common gambling is here. People can gamble in most grocery stores and gamble also online. I once played EuroJackpot, but I won nothing and after that I have not played. Many stores have slotmachines but you need to have a special card to play now. They changed some rules. But in general many people gamble here.

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I used to occasionally go to the casino with my friends but I did limit myself to 20-40$. I think I have only been like 5-6 times to the casino in my life. I never gamble otherwise other than the bitcoin I bought while psychotic. My brothers made lots of money in the stock market.

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No, but I did win my first two bets on horse races earlier this year. My neighbors race horses, and when they won, we got to be in the winners circle with them, which was fun.

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Surprisingly not locked yet. I gamble online every week $20-50. Buy lottery tickets online, play keno, poker, blackjack, roulette etc.

Overall ive lost money maybe -1000 dollars

My thread about scratch cards got locked within 10 minutes.

Not with real money no. I played a couple different texas hold em games on my phone but not for real money. We have casinos locally too and I don’t go to them either.

Back when my grandfather on my mothers side was alive I use to play 7 card stud for cash with him and his brother and sister though.

I’ve never gambled online. I did pick up this Powerball lottery ticket, though, in Idaho. Just showing the top, lol.

I like the slot machines in Las Vegas, but I definitely limit how much I’m gambling. It’s fun, though.

haha this is hilarious…the mods must be asleep… @Moonbeam @Treebeard @ninjastar

I used to play those scratch off lottery cards, and I made $27 a couple of times, but I lost more than that. For a while, any time the opportunity arose I would be very eager to play those scratch off cards. I can see how a person could become addicted to gambling. I’ve made up my mind that it is best for me to stay away from it.

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Well sometimes to you a casino resort not so far from us.
I personally don’t enjoy gambling but my father does.

I go for getting away from it all and room service!

I’m not a mod, I resigned.

I was offline. We do have lives outside of here.