Have you ever followed voices

I have sometimes followed what voices have said inside my mind. Back in 2001 when I lived in my auto in Miami I got voices telling me to do certain things, these involved some international activities and without these acts I probably would not be here where I am today.


I followed my delusions all my life. For example I had a delusion that there is a strange creature near by and I feel like going there and looking for it only to find nothing.

I followed what some of my negative voices have said/commanded and I ended up walking barefoot down a highway in the middle of the night. I was picked up by Police and taken to hospital. Was not good.
I also followed a friendly voice once and took off in the middle of the night and turned up at a casino. That was actually quite fun! :slight_smile:

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I followed my voices’ instructions to repeatedly climb up and down the stairs at my work, and bring cups of coffee to my desk for them. It was crazy.

I’ve followed my voices commands before too. They told me to stab myself. I started to but it hurt so I stopped. I just poked myself didn’t penetrate or anything I’m glad I stopped.

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ive never really had “negative” voices…but Ive heard mostly wispers. I would recommend not following most voices at all but if you have to, follow the ones that make you love and that seem logical. I think its ok to question them, but be careful~

Im always trapesing around the woods trying to find the voices or footsteps if thats what you mean. But ive also followed their suggestions when delusional but i dunno, they dont want me to tell too much, but yeah…

The demons want me to kill myself. Why the hell not. I have no reason to want to live. Too bad I can’t do it, I can’t even kill a mosquito. The worst I’ve ever done to myself was give me some scratches with a knife.

I also have a demon who wants to make me kill myself. I don’t obey his commands though…

I follow my delusions of reference all of the time. More often than not. I wouldn’t be where I am today without having done so. I also have a demon who is always berating me. He only told me to kill myself once though. And I almost did. Nowadays, I always ignore him.

don’t listen to these so called “demons”…im not a DR, but if I was one…I would def try to understand you guys more AND take the medication myself to realize what I’m putting my patients through. any negative is most likely wrong…most of it depends on your personality…it offends you based on YOU. take a little more control in you want in your life…and if you cant…then keep it pure. There is no reason that you should want to harm yourself…

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Yeah i followed the voices a couple times and ended up making a fool of myself.The most drastic thing ive done while under control of the voices is i got on an amtrak without a real destination and ended up homeless about 4 states away for like two months then came back. This was all while unmedicated