Have you ever experienced this?

There were two times in my life that I experienced about a year and a half of pure happiness. I think both times came after a period of misery. When I was about four or five my mom finally let me leave our front yard if I stayed with a friend across the street. We had a great time, and I was supremely happy. The other time I was at college, and I started reading avidly. I read Henry James, Stephen Crane, Balzac, Shakespeare, and numerous other writers. A lot of my interpretation was pretty good, and a lot of it was poor. The first thing I would do when I woke up was grab a book and start reading, until I went to bed that night. I was too impressed with myself, but it was a period of pure happiness. Have you experienced anything similar - a period of pure happiness? I wasn’t miserable in the other parts of my life, but these times were especially good.


I was in ecstasy when I got 90+% grades in school and university. I was jumping from happiness and my mother hugged me.


when i got into my dream school…I guess. It was really my dream school. best school i could get into with the money and grades and background. I didn’t apply to any other schools outside uc system. I got into all of them, including ucla. I thought about applying to ivy but the acceptance rates were too low and I didn’t have sat scores. I thought about applying to cornell, nyu, and usc, but did not.

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