Have You Ever Experienced Hallucinations? Induced By Paranoia, Not Drugs

In 2011 I was going through a real bad episode and I was so tired I started seeing things that are indescribable.
Over the road from where I live I saw a man pointing a gun at me. I just starred at him through my window and I could see every movement. Even saw him laughing.
It was summer and it started to get light around 4am and in the blinking of an eye, the man I saw holding a gun was a conifer tree all out of shape. Literally it was just a tree. I had watched this from around 10pm until 4 am in the morning.
I can look back and laugh at this, but at the time I really did believe we were going to be killed.
Has anyone else ever seen things that are not really there? I literally mean hallucinating xxx

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I won’t go into detail because I don’t like talking about it…

But I have also had hallucinations of people and a bunch of other things

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