Have You Ever Exaggerated Your Resume?

I worked at a Gas Station during my late teen years.

Later on I tried to parlay that into a better job. I had used the air hose to fill up car tires so on my updated resume I wrote…

“Proficient Oxygen Valve Operator”

Even I couldn’t stop laughing at that one. But I remember I did hand in a resume for employment with that on it.


I try to pretend I am not anxious around new people and that I am perfect at communication. “Brave woman” and literally a social butterfly
It’s not funny as yours though… I can sh** my pants with new people. I become shaky and etc.

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My brother was off work and on government assistance and had to apply to jobs to keep his government handouts coming in. He had to show he was trying to find work.

So he wrote up the most awful resumes with spelling errors and had himself coming across as an idiot…then handed them in to businesses just so he could keep that assisted paycheck coming in .

Anyhow, one day he gets a phone call from this guy…

“Mr. Anderson! We are very excited to have received your wonderful resume and we have an entry level position for you within our company!”

My brother couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, how hard up was this company to hire my brother who handed in the lousiest resume he possibly could? :joy:


No, actually I used to downsell it before I finally accepted I’ll be on disability for life.

Technically, I have a bachelor’s of business administration degree, but I was so symptomatic after my freshman year that I don’t even remember being there.

Also, I never tried to get a job worthy of my degree because a) I knew I’d never handle the stress, and b) like I said, I barely remember any of my coursework.

So I always downplayed my skill set so simpler jobs would hire me doing things like basic data entry or retail work. I just put my associates on there so people wouldnt throw my resume in the trash because they thought me overqualified.

It wasn’t lack of confidence, it was a lack of awareness and sense of reality.

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That’s wonderful…a feather in your cap and something to be proud of! :slight_smile:

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nope, just put down the jobs I had before I got ill…had about four jobs in architecture on my resume at the end.


I don’t lie on my resume but I usually do try to make it sound it’s best lol


A little bit I didn’t put the years/dates, just what I did to make it a little better

I haven’t lied in a resume however when my vision was failing due to keratoconus I did my best to hide the fact that my vision was failing went through 4 jobs lost all of them I got a cornea transplant and my vision is better than it’s ever been

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I bet the recruiter was called Smith and wore shades.
Of course they were excited. They’d finally pinpointed Neo’s whereabouts!

(Nerdy giggle)


I would never do such a thing.

Sean M.
Brain surgeon and famous porn star.


I gave an interview in that I said a lie.
I said I was running my own xyz.co company which is a stationary Store. Then the manager asked me where it is located ? I said a place name then he said yes I know that place then I directed to an actual stationary shop then he said oh than one I don’t know.

Managers are too smart than us so they are in that position.

Sean Mandingo??

You’re my idol man.

Keep it… up!

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I had a friend who was DM four our dungeons and dragons game put it on his resume as " [campaign name]: Project manager. Supervised team, moderated disputed, assigned tasks, successfully achieved all goals in record time"


Yes but then this one company hires a firm to thoroughly check the cv resumes for everyone, i didn’t last long at that place but it was hell working there anyway

My first job out of the hospital in 1983 was working as a general maintenance person at a hot tub joint which were popular in the 1980’s. Part of my job was to empty the hot tubs each day and scrub them down with baking soda and fill them back up. The rest of the day was spent painting, scrubbing floors, washing towels, vacuuming, washing windows etc.

On some form my boss filled out for taxes or something, for my job description he put “hot tub technician”, lol. I thought it sounded good so ever since I quit that job after four years and applied for different new jobs, under work experience I always put “hot tub technician”.


Your a janitor its clear youve never really exaggerated

Is that supposed to be a put down?

Nope but youve never really exaggerated by calling yourself a bath technician or whatever it was