Have you ever done Interrailing

I did Interrailing in 1991, I went alone, it is a great way to see Europe, I visited 10 countries and many big cities such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona and many others. It was also a great way to see other people. Well, that was 28 years ago.


Yes! It was fun. At one point I had to order tickets in German because no one knew any English. My German is not very good, but I knew the word for “ticket”. We also stayed at an abandoned factory for a few days.


My sister and I did Eurail when we visited Europe in 1969.


I interrailed in 1990. There were 4 of us and we went to Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Brindisi, Corfu, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam all in the month.

We lived on bread, cheese and wine and used tents, sleeping mostly on the train.

Interrail is different now. You have to choose a set destination and stick to a timetable whereas we could just go anywhere on any train. Freedom!

Still, it was a blast! One of my favourite holidays ever!

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