Have you ever done an agility course

on t.v. they make them all funny, and about falling down,

but back in my athletic days, I think I would have done well.

mostly now it’s military, or something that you train dogs to do.

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I know that there are agility courses for dogs!

We wanted Cocoa to do it (he’s a middle-sized Jack Russell cross) but since he’s a rescue he would be very scared of people who are instructing him. But we’re trying to see if we can find an agility course for him somewhere around the area (so we can just make him run around lol).

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that’s the best type of dog that will adapt to agility.

bless him.

I wish I could help him to be less scared. He was born in a shelter so he has a lot of trauma.

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I’d say yeah, let him spread his wings.

I’ll see if I can take him to a course soon. He would love it.

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I did an obstacle course in Air Force basic training. It was pretty easy.

That’s the only time I’ve done one. I used to be able to run super fast, but meds and age have worn me down.


some are trusting your fellow there. glad you did that @Montezuma


Yes i have with a friends dog.

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In the eighties there used to be a lot of “par courses” springing up in parks and schools.

They were simple, small, wood and metal apparatus where each individual structure had a different exercise and they were spread out around the park or school so you ran to each one in a huge spread out circle. One structure might be a pull-up bar, another one might be for your abs or your lats etc.

Usually a par course had about 10 or 11 stations. You started at number one and went to each successive exercise and when you got to the last one your workout was completed. IDK if they still have those but I used to see them all the time.

yeah? that’s not what I’m talking about though.

running around, through, up over, an agility course.

Back in the day, I could do an agility course. Nowadays I have two left feet and asthma.


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