Have you ever decided to be rich?

i know its not impossible but any of you decided to be rich and follow through ?

I dont mean wish to be rich but decided

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I decided to be rich.

I got an education,

Married someone with a lot of potential,

And didn’t have children.

All things contributed to me being pretty comfortable at my age.

But a lot of it was hard work,

So it’s not like it came easy when I “decided” to be rich.


When I picked my parents I decided it would be best if they were rich.


i dont expect it to be easy.

i expect to observe, create and learn to spot oportunities, make a plan , adjust it, follow throguht and more

I am now observing and learning to spot and create oportunities

I’m not sure you can entirely decide that. But you can strive for it if you want to.

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I’d say build valuable skills. If your not rich now then you can’t really risk investing in the stock gambling game. So you need to build good skills that allow you to create your own way.

If you have a computer. Learn how to code. You can learn it all for free.

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Yes you can. It require a lot more then i can imagine,

You can theoretically.

Limitations are mostly set and embraced by us

i am aware its going to be hard but not impossible.

I am aware its going to take a lot of calculated risks.

And if you guys know me, i like to theorize and i manage to reach a conclusion which satisfyes me regarding our own limits and what its possible.

Thats all i need honestly, to start i mean, to believe its possible

yes dream away. Tell me how that worked out in 5 years lol.

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lol i lol outloud.

I will man, i trully will !

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Stocks are gambles only for the gamblerers

I did, but I don’t have the sexiness to marry rich :joy:

All jokes aside, I’m rich in happy memories and good experiences.


Well, you have your own answer then !

It is possible, you did it already.

Why did you do it?

If your into dudes, wait for me 5 years :v: :sweat_smile:

Every day is a series of decisions. Some are easy. With the difficult ones you need to reflect if it benefits you and also those around you (or at the very least isn’t overtly harmful). That’s how you become more successful, hopefully not by treading upon others.

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I’m currently taken, but nice to know I have a backup plan :joy:


i guess you mean trading ?

Yes, they are black and white things, grey zones also :sweat_smile:




I am always the backup plan haha :sweat_smile:

Nice. take it easy you two

I had to google the word. Damn :v:

I did it because I didn’t want to go to college lol