Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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Love to dance … sz ruin my life …!!!

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You wanna get nuts? C’mon! Let’s get nuts!


Is this in reference to jack nickleson as the joker? He used to say that too. Personally I liked heath ledger the best as the joker.


No…but some people call me Batman :sunglasses:

No, not in the pale moonlight, but the blazing yellow, orange, red colors of the sky as the sun lit the sky on fire. The devil reached his ugly hand through the frond door glass and knocked on the front desk.

I remember the chickens clucking around his feet and wondered if he had brought some BBQ sauce- or Buffalo sauce so we could stretch a chicken or two up close to the sky and bring down a tasty snack.

Hours later the sky grew cold and blue, and when I finally got the nerve to run to my car, I set the alarm and ran, pushing the glass door open, and realizing it was still daylight outside.
Looking at the clock, it was only 5PM.


You should be a writer

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Naw, that was real. One of the strangest evenings of my life, but intensely real.
Though no one else was affected, the devil came to my (ex) husbands shop looking for a deal to make with his soul, but was too late. He had gotten tired of waiting and went home.

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Sounded like a line from the dead song “Dire wolf”

“Where does he get those wonderful toys”? ~ Joker