Have you ever broken a brick with your head?


Those people are badass. In all seriousness kickboxing/Muay Thai was one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. If you did that 3-4 days a week you would be in perfect shape and you could eat a lot of calories.


I have. But it was because it was thrown at my head. I didn’t do it on purpose. Have a gnarly scar by my eye now because of it.


Oh wow sorry to hear @LED


i delivered to a place that makes those bricks once, they’re not real bricks. they’re like half concrete and half styrofoam. i was delivering styrofoam. they make the styrofoam in California and the bricks in new mexico.


I did it with my mind so yeah I’m like the matrix but instead of bending spoons, i break bricks into half …


spoon bending is done with spoons made of gallium a metal that melts at body temperature.


These are real


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