Have you ever bitten someone

because you were angry? I’ve wanted to bite but I don’t remember actually doing so. I guess my conscience put a stop to it. People can be frustrating.

No, but I have many scars from BEING bitten. And I am missing a small chunk of ankle.

Who bit you? Were they angry? Did it scare you away from people?

My students all had a tendency to bite. It did not scare me away from people. I kind of think I look cool with my bite scars.

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Yes, when I was a young man, I got into a fight with my roommate. I had him pinned to the ground, and I wanted to inflict as much pain as possible, so I bit him really hard.

She asked me too.

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I have been asked to do stupid stuff, too. And, like a fool, I did it.

I used to be naughty and bite my guy friends on their shoulders. I have sharp, longer canines and they swore I was a vampire lol

I had a boy friend who had teeth marks on his biceps from a woman.

I bit the dentist when I was little


i did bit someone…in a fight

Yeah when I was in preschool lol

When I was a kid I bit my brother.

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I got suspended for fighting in elementary school, some kid tried to put my head in a toilet and I bit his hand to break free. The faculty was appalled that someone would bite another person, but it was the only way out of the headlock.

What goes on in some of these schools? Sounds like you were defending yourself

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Yeah my mom wasn’t mad at me because it was self defense, she was disappointed with the teachers who held me equally accountable.

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Schools and their motto on bullying is absolute dogshit, teachers are some of the biggest cowards. They are all talk when it comes to stopping bullying.

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