Have you ever been

Stalked? We were stalked by a woman with two children at the mall where we lived at the time. She later approached us about “jobs” she gave us a number to call and since we were young, dumb, kids we almost fell for it. We were in the military and desperate for another income, we called. We later heard from our military friends that there was a couple luring young couples to a sex ring. I can’t believe we almost went to the location they told us to go to. I’m pretty sure the events were connected to the people caught.

I was in a polyamory relationship with a Bi couple. When I tried to break it off, he was cool, she flipped out. She followed me and sent me harassing text email and calls for about 6 months. Had to finally get an order against her.

Last I heard her and her husband were trying to make it work

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My abusive ex stalked me after I finally left. Had to get a restraining order.

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Google “the Hillside Strangler” and you’ll see the man that stalked me for over two hours at a mall, then approached me asking if I wanted to go out to his van with him and get high.

I was 13 years old, but looked much older.
He gave me the worst case of the creeps, and showed no sign of backing off.

I just said very loudly, “No thanks, I don’t do drugs!” (remember, this was in 1978, nobody talked out loud about getting high.)

His response?
He was aware of all the attention I had drawn and tried to do damage control by going "Shhhhh, oh man Shhhhhh how uncool!
…and he backtracked rather quickly and disappeared from sight.


Wow :scream: glad you’re ok.

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