Have you ever been to a music show and the band didn't come back out for an encore?

well i’ve only been to see about 20 or 30 bands in my young life, but i think all but one came out for an encore.

the only time it didn’t happen was when i saw al green. he just played his time slot and left. it was at a music festival and lots of other acts were playing so i wasnt upset. im not even a big al green fan, but i figured he’s a legend so i might as well take in his show. it was actually pretty good show.

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Yes. “The pet shop boys” didn’t do an encore.

I still remember that.

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one time when i was in college i saw a band called O.A.R, and robert randolph played before them. for the encore they had to call robert randolph back on stage because he totally upstaged them as the opening act haha.

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