Have you ever been to a casino?

I did that once when I was 19 I played holdem and lost 90 dollars in 5 mins lol. and Ive tried slots. I dont really have a desire for gambling. I like calculated gambles like in business.
oh when I was 25 I was seeing a midstakes pro poker player for a bit. She would play 1-2 NoLimit holdem and 2-3/nl. I think one week she won like 13 grand. Other weeks win like 3-10 grand, some weeks lost 5+ grand.
Her and her friends were sharks praying on fish (newbies). They would tell each other when there was a fish at the table and go to the same table. Then they would sometimes get a whale (Rich multi millionaire) at the table that would blow like 50-100k in one sitting lol.
I think she moved to vegas and plays 5-10/nl now.

one of my friends dads buddy in england once blew 750,000 pounds cash in one night.

gambling at casino is a rush for some people I guess. cuz you could win big or lose big, and theres shiny flashy lights everywhere.

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The whole idea of losing even $1 in a casino or anywhere else makes me want to puke.


My local casino is starting a blackjack dealer course soon. I wanted to try for it but my therapist discouraged me. Maybe I am not as ready as I think I am.

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