Have you ever been searched at an airport

Social security has gotten tougher due to the virus and all do you find it more common to be searched in an airport and it isn’t an embarrassing to have your a****** inspected

I thought they always search us? I know I had to pass through a metal detection gate and they inspected my luggages.

I had extra weight so I had to pay 120$ extra for it.

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i passed through the metal detector thing, and it beeped so they searched.

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I’ve gotten patted down several times at airports. If the metal detector beeps, that’s what they do.

Yes. They patted me down. Kept asking me if I was in the military.

2013, Narita Airport in Tokyo. I passed the detector, after which an agent invited me to a nearby room, where they thoroughly examined all my luggage, item by item, while asking me questions about my visit to Japan. They had let the other members in my group pass without stopping them like they stopped me. I wonder what made that agent suspicious.

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I booked a flight. Not very far. But at airport they don’t give me the flight. I thought I could go after check-in, but not all airports work the same. At that moment I didn’t have access to enough money, maybe I came in problem when having the flight. But then maybe find something to do? And living in other country was maybe good idea. And still can be.

I’m used to it but hate it. Can’t go through a metal detector or have the wand used on me because of my pacemaker. It’s why I do everything I can to avoid flying anywhere for any reason.

Back when I had a bunch of piercings they had to wand me and do a pat down.

It was intrusive.

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