Have you ever been sabotaged? Triggered heavily?

When I first gol ill, lived with houasemates and my room door couldnt be locked. My relations with friends got so bad, that one of them used to sneak into my room and everyday bit by bit cut my laptop’s charger until on thread was hanging. I did change my laptop charger like 3 times and I was getting really paranoid and weirded out. Also when they kicked me out because of delusions, they cut off my favorite shirt’s sleeve and taken back all the gifts they had given.

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I’m sabotaged all the time and my mother was. You just have to try to find ways to protect yourself.

And then they made out they hadn’t done anything?

That is a classic example of gaslighting. You are better off out of there and far away from people like that.

Yeah they never admitted it. I thought it was like a cheaply made cable, then I realisrd they really are going through my stuff. Also I remembered they used to send DDos computer attacks through wifi to my laptop and my antivirus used to go crazy, when i moved away those antivirus errors just stopped. Why people do this to an ill person?


If you have ever seen a troop of monkeys and we are hairless apes after all, you will see a hierarchy. As other monkeys endeavour to rise in the ranks of the troop they will make allegiances and carry out actions to gain status.

In this case, a mentally ill person was deemed bottom of the hierarchy and preyed upon as a victim and bullied. The bully gains status from bullying and that is why.

Humans left to their own devices can be monstrous, just watch any tv show about macaque monkeys to see this in action.

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What is meant to be gain from this? I hate people being like this. If lile there is not enough suffering

They gain status among their peers, and so rise in power in the hierarchy.

It is cruel and horrible and I am sorry you went through this.

but don’t forget, sometimes they physically fight for many reasons.

That’s why I’m staying on my med’s. People sabotage me and I do or say something stupid.

But are all people like that. Becouse I have experienced this kind of behavior from other people but I never wanted to climb the hierarchy by inflicting pain on others. Is something wrong with me?

I remember my dad went to a bar and came home at 3 am and got in a car accident I couldn’t work the next day and I was freaking out after like 8 pm

I’m sorry you went through that. I once had coworkers sabotaging me, but I was able to prove it was them and not me. Got lucky. Such BS


Not in the same way as the majority, but everyone would like to increase their status amongst their friends to an extent.

Males in the monkey realm share traits with the males in humans and violence and aggression is rife. To me it is not surprising that human males use this tactic more than females.

It would depend on the environment, so in this case a mostly male house with their brutish tactics I am not surprised. Each one of the householders on their own would probably act differently. Put them together and all hell ensues.

There is nothing wrong with you. To not want to copy or mimic this horrible behaviour is a noble act. Personally I respect your position, but monkeys are monkeys after all.

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Maybe I’m a bonobo monkey that only wants to fuuuck lol haha

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Thats an unfortanate living situation. Sorry you had to go through that

I get triggered by stuff for no apparent reason than my minds perceptions are off. Besides that im pretty mellow

Don’t let people know about symptoms of mental illness, because mean disposition will urge them to troll you. What you went through is worse than trolling. You don’t want to be in an ideal situation for these kind of people where you don’t have help and they have deniability. Those kind of action I would call abuse actually.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple: They’re obviously as*holes.

Very well put @labratmat

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