Have you ever been in a food fight? Do they just happen in the movies?

I’ve actually been in a few,

But I was a camp counselor for a few years.

It’s horrible.

Sometimes I think about them and shudder a little bit.

How about you?

Have you been in a food fight?

Did you enjoy it?

How did it come about?

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Throwing food? Only in school when I was a kid.

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Yes, throwing food.

How did it happen when you were a kid?

How many people were involved?


Back in school only. Not very pleasant. People be throwing apples and sh__. Dangerous to get hit by a nice solid apple IMO.


Many kids can’t remember. We were in the cafeteria and someone yells food fight then they start throwing food at each other.


Yes, I have.

It was funny at the time. And fun.

It came about because of my kids being goofs at Easter dinner. They were all small still, in fact there were only 3 of them at the time.

This is back when I had a temper, mood swings, and would get mad over anything. I shocked everyone by throwing mashed potatoes at my daughter when she was a smart aleck.

I didn’t throw them to be mean or even a lot, just flicked a spoonful at her and blew a raspberry. Then we all emptied our plates by flicking food at each other.

I had a heck of a mess to clean up, but we all were laughing and having a great time. Best Easter ever.



One year we had a kid split his cheek on what he seemed to think was a full carton of milk.

It can get pretty dangerous.

Not to mention difficult to get out of your clothes/hair.


About ten yrs ago lol. I was baking pies and the guy I was dating came and snuck a piece I threw flour in his :smiling_imp: face then he threw the whole pie in mine.

We laughed and ended up making out in a flour covered kitchen lol.

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i hate wasting food tbh never liked food fights

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My third year teaching fourth grade my students had a food fight with the popcorn that I made to watch Space Jam. (goes to show you how long ago that was).


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