Have you ever been ghosted?

By anyone? I was ghosted a few times, once when on a dating site this guy asked to skype so I did. He saw my face… Then suddenly he says someone is at the door and says he’ll call back but never did.

Maybe he was intimidated cos ur beautiful looking


Yeah been ghosted, happens a lot on the internet, people just disappear

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Lol no probably not his type

I hate how toxic behaviour has become the new norm. I think a lot of people complain about it and do it themselves though.

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im not sure probably has happened to me but i was unaware. but i also withdrew from all my friends in my 20’s and stopped answering their phone calls. so i kind of ghosted them. im supposed to email my friend in town sometime, but i feel like i just like the thought of having a friend and he is filling in. he’ really not my type, he is turning into a serious conservative adult even though he’s only 36, i hate having to grow up just to hangout with him. it’s like we can talk about home repairs or something now. so i havent emailed him and am kinda ghosting him too. i haven’t had any contact with non family or treatment team since october.j

i guess the one example i have, is my best friend from the age of 8-18 didn’t invite me to his wedding a few years ago. he got divorced.

maybe you meant in a dating sense? anyways the reason why i withdrew from my friends was because i was getting tired of drinking and partying all the time, we were all trainwrecks. so i decided not to hang out with them anymore and had work friends instead.

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By my uncle. 15

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I’ve been ghosted a few times and I’ve ghosted a couple of childhood friends before.

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I have lived in haunted house tommorow

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I kind of think “ghosting” is pretty normal. We can invite a near endless amount of people into our lives with a click of a virtual button. It makes sense that often people want to be able to sever ties too.

In real life when I was younger, severing ties was part of life too. And in my parent’s life I’ve seen them “break up” with friends. You cant stay friends forever with everyone. Sometimes arguments happen

For me ghosting is a natural response to having a million contacts on the internet. What is the alternative? Them write you a long letter describing all the ways/reasons they don’t want to be friends with you?

I realise its not nice, but I guess its just a fact of life. Try not to take it personally, theres plenty more people out there that will want to be your friend

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By my son, all winter. I think he was going through a depression. But luckily he’s back talking to me again so I guess I wasn’t ghosted after all.

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