Have you ever been gaslighted?

In my case there was this guy who spent a year trying to convince me I suffered from a specific personality disorder. At one point I was feeling so vulnerable I started considering whether he might be right even though I knew at a rational level that he wasn’t (after almost 30 years of seeing psychologists and pdocs somehow not noticing anything). I talked to the people who know me the best, including my ex, and they all thought he must be trolling or just being malicious. Eventually I discussed it at some length with my pdoc who was quite categorical that the whole personality disorder was complete bs. To my shame, and a perhaps a testimony to how sz can impact cognition, it took me a full year to realise that projection, a desire for control, and resentment were at the root of his behaviour, coupled with an extraordinary degree of blindness regarding people’s mental states (including his own) amounting perhaps to a partial, yet still fairly severe, case of dunning kruger syndrome. I guess some people are just bad seeds.

I know, SZ diagnosees, especially those suffering with paranoia, don’t make very reliable witnesses but still… has anyone outside the medical profession ever tried to convince that you suffered from a mental disorder that you did not?


There was a poster on here that I thought took ‘an interest’ in me and he creeped me out.

Gagis was his name. It was hard to prove but I could’ve sworn that a screenshot he PMed me was of my computer screen.

He also said something out of the blue, that seemed straight out of my dad’s inner monologue. He said a lot of things out of the blue that made me question my own paranoia.

I think though for your sake, you should define some terms and spoon feed it to the forum a little more. For one, I don’t think people know what gaslighting is all about.

I say the same about myself on Dunning Kruger syndrome. Can you describe more what that entails?

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To gaslight is basically attempting to manipulate someone into believing he or she is crazy. It’s a reference to the 1940s thriller ‘Gaslight’.


Dunning kruger syndrome is not an accepted diagnosis (to be honest I’ve got some issues with it myself). In a nutshell it refers to people who seriously overestimate their abilities, but not necessarily across all domains.


I see. I may have shades of that with just how ‘valuable’ my advice is…also with my blogging talent.

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Your advice is valuable, please don’t gaslight yourself! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had an experience with gaslighting, but it was a little different.

A couple of years ago, I was so unwell that I required a caregiver who would come into my home to clean a bit and make sure I was eating, and she also served as a bit of an anchor for me when I couldn’t tell what was real. Then she started borrowing clothes. And calling my mother “mom”, and then cut her hair like mine. And then dyed her hair like mine. Then she started speaking like me, which was weird… she’d use my phrases and tell my anecdotes as if they had happened to her. It was Single White Female (the movie) type scary. And after awhile, she stopped cleaning or doing anything to help, as though she was just there to hang out. She wanted me to adopt one of her pets.

At one point, she even had me go over to her house to help HER clean it. She convinced me I needed to help teach her child to read, and she took up all my hobbies. It wasn’t until a friend of mine was over visiting while she was there that I was pulled aside by my friend, who was like “what the heck is going on here?” The caregiver had made me feel like this was all my fault, because I had allowed it. My friend had to remind me that I was the patient, and that I wasn’t the one whose job it was to set boundaries. He told me, “you’re mentally ill and SHE’S the professional. This is NOT your fault. You need to report her.”

But I was scared she would come after me, or tell others private things about me (she was my caregiver for 3 years. This happened over a long period of time), since she would say terrible things about her OTHER clients. She seemed threatening. (My friend did point out this little maneuver was against HIPPA, her talking about her other clients.)

The people at the agency were horrified when I told them about her, finally. She was fired.
So yeah, that happened.

I think the moral of the story is that it wasn’t my fault, and now that I can recognise what happened, I can stop it from happening again…I hope. I’m more aware of people’s motives, but it soured me on having a caregiver ever again. It’s sick what some people will do to take advantage. But I’m stronger now.
I’m more aware.


Yeah. During my first break I was experiencing gaslighting. I had delusions of grandeur. Then when I realised and removed myself from the environment, the other effects of ptsd started to arise. Slowly I got worse, the grandeur was gone but real psychosis started to develop.

It leaves a strong scar.

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Are you talking about me, @seksoempirico? If you still have a problem with me you can PM me instead of doing this whole thing.

That certainly sounds creepy.

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No. But i have a family member who i suspect is a mild borderline case. I said that to other family members, and feel a little guilty, because I’m a laymen and laymen shouldn’t diagnose other ppl.

But i have never tried to gaslight her, if i tried anything like that, she would eat me alive.

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All the time every day. I think denying my experiences whether you want to accept them, believe in them, or not (out of ignorance or just plain lack of care or stupidity is up to you). Knowledge changes and it’s not up to me to try and convince everyone (nor is it your job to spend the time researching my experiences) all the time. I tried to get proper help. There is no proper help.

I thought at one time my step-dad was gaslighting me but I overcame it. Maybe I was wrong about him…

I think the government does a great job at it. A few days ago I saw a green laser (which I assume is directed energy) beamed at my face from a helicopter. I mean I started feeling physically sick and had headaches…

I know I had past lives and it might just be alien knowledge or whatnot, but I think the government is involved in those sort of things.

I have severe trauma. I know I was in mk-ultra, montauk, monarch, SSP, super soldier, Illuminati stuff, milabs, DUMBs, and more. I don’t think it will ever go away especially talking about it. I have no money although I think there has to be some sort of proof around 2010-2011 period in college.

I kind of just want to marry a German/Norwegian woman and move out of the states or to the midwest and do some work and make some money and start a brand new life, I guess.

I’ve been gaslighted here too. There’s some protection being and looking crazy and not being believed. I died before, and came back alive millions or more times and I still remember the trauma. I lived through it on different timelines like in a time loop/causal loop. I have the alternate timeline experiences and memories that I lived through. It’s like my brain got through the circuit boards like michio kaku says.

I do fear for my life talking about such things. I worry about my family too.

I’m sure you’re safe here, many of us recognise ourselves in your struggles.

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Everyone has. Someone has said you dont make sense or pointed to their head while looking at you or said what are you doing or said are you crazy?

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Yup! And it’s never been good.

Good on your for seeking out objective truth from others and from a professional. Some people will say or do anything for an ounce of control over others. It’s really quite sad. That guy is a jerk.


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