Have you ever been forced to change your world?

Schizophrenia is kind of like that. You get ill. And Everything you have has changed. Then trying to start over. Is really hard.


I moved back home from abroad when I had my first psychosis.

It was quite a change.

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When I had my first heart attack as a kid and got my first pacemaker.

When I sobered up and cleaned up.

When I broke my back.

When I got SZ.

When I burned out and couldn’t handle working in IT any longer.

When my heart got so bad I could no longer drive a fuel truck and moved to insurance.

Tired of having to start over.


I feel like my world changes every time I moved places or got a new job. When I lost my father a few years ago I thought my whole world was going to change because we did everything together but it was better than I thought.

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Everything is impermanent, even without this illness are lives would still be changing.


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