Have you ever been a Santa Claus and the psych community of a town

Have you ever been a Santa Claus …

I was in the 1980s for the family of one bailiff of this little town. Later, I learned that the family broke up and the bailiff married a younger woman. The bailiff had become a rich man. At my psych meeting with my psych nurse I often talk about the city matters as I did last week, when we had our meeting. I brought up this issue of being a Santa Claus and we talked about this bailiff and if he had retired already. I forgot to mention that according to one woman who had drank moneys of one man the bailiff was retired. This man whose money was drank became so depressed after his mother died that he almost drank himself to death, but his son had saved him by taking him to see a psychologist who sits in the room next to my psych nurse and this psychologist had said to him that he is still holding on his life very well. Yes, this our town is very little and people in the psychological community know often each other.

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