Have you ever been a regular on a site then someone says something and you think "WTF am I doing here?"

Message is in the title.


Every day around the time school lets out, the minecraft server I play on gets flooded with what I assume to be immature children spamming hate speech in chat. I get to thinking “man why am I playing this game anymore?” but the game is fun and once the trolls get muted and or banned by the moderators we can go back to playing Towny and doing trades and mining and stuff and just have more lighthearted chat.

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Are you talking about this site or another site ?

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Not this site. Wrong planet. I’d made a thread indicating I might be leaving there soon . It’s because I don’t think I’m going to get an ASD dx , and if so I thought it wouldn’t be right for me to stay. Most people said that didn’t matter and I was welcome there.
One person has just said though-

Still here, huh? It’s like having a two year old who types.

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I hate that website. I think they banned me permanently years ago.

Initially years ago when I heard of this website or found it, but overtime my ideas and thoughts and beliefs got stranger and I fit in and relate here. I had a few severe relapses. I like this website a lot. I’ve gotten more schizophrenic over the years thinking wise.

Thank you. I almost forgot why I am here. Fell asleep. This life is a workout. Rest,work and play.
I find myself turning to alcohol when i don’t get my s(h)it together.

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I can understand interactions with other posters and mods where over time people clash, and bad words occur. With neither side willing to admit they’re wrong in any way. It’s part of being human. What got me with this was I’ve never interacted with this person and he’s never previously interacted with me. It was out of the blue.

Well, I mean, Wrong Planet is an autism site. People there are going to have poor social skills. Try not to take it personally. I doubt it was meant to be taken personally. Like you said, that person hadn’t interacted with you before.


The person can be very blunt. My own social skills are not good,but I would not make such a comment. I think a combination of my possibly being on the spectrum with the paranoia that goes with sz can be a tricky combination. His reply had come after someone else had posted, with my last comment having been posted on the thread 8 days before that. It was the ‘Still here’ bit that made me think it was about me ,fuelled perhaps by my paranoia. I guess I could have misinterpreted though.

Some people are just rude/trolls. I wouldn’t let it keep affecting you.

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