Have you ever attacked your own self?

I mean, Geez, have a little understanding of how frustrating life can be. But I attacked myself physically when I was about 11 years old because I was frustrated about something my mother said. She told a friend she was afraid I’d never grow up. So I attacked my nipple. It really hurt but I thought it would get me to grow boobs. As if that’s all that grown-up is. Mother had hurt my feelings so awfully badly.

Yes when I thought the voices were in my dreams I attacked the people I thought they were in them. It was a very dangerous part of my psychosis. I don’t do that now.

I tried suicide 4 times, car accidents, overdose intoxication, knives, etc

I went thru years of cutting with a razor blade up until 25. Somehow i got over it and got tattoos to cover up the scars, thinking i wouldnt want to ruin them - and it worked.

Seems a really dumb thing to even consider it now.

No never. But I sabotaged my health a lot…

I guess that’s a form of self attack. :frowning:

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As far as visible self harm went I once took an overdose of pills, and binged on salty and sugary foods on many occasions. I’m just saying that somehow the voices are part of me.

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When i was a lot younger I used to cut myself and use drugs and alcohol(I have been sober now though). I tried to commit suicide about 3 years ago.

‘Under peaceful conditions, the warlike man attacks himself.’ Nietzsche

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Yes I’ve cut myself quite a few times. Started when I was 18 and when I went into remission three years later I stopped.

Then seven years later I started after I relapsed. Been on and off ever since. I try not to anymore as I feel so ashamed afterwards but every now and then I succumb. Much less than before though.

when i was in the hospital once, there was this little guy messing with me. so i punched myself in the face to let him know i wasn’t playing around and that he couldnt hurt me. that was probably one of my dumbest moves in the hospital.

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I used to scratch and cut my arms. I used to regularly smash the back of my head into the wall, and hit the side/front of my head into door frames. (I had stopped and then the other day I needed to again) I used to hit myself in the head and abdomen, and pull my hair. I was Bulimic off and in for about 20+ years.
Much of it was prompted by Seraton, my companion angel, but it’s just in my psyche to hurt myself. Much less so now than when I was younger.

It’s really just self attention gone brutal. If we could reach ourselves in a kinder, gentler way it would probably feel more approved of.

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I like that thought. I’ve never thought of it that way! Thanks, @chordy :heartpulse:

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