Have you dropped your cell phone?

I got the galaxy note 3 for a month now. I hadn’t dropped it none. Until today I dropped it 3 times on different instances. I noticed the phone was tough. No damage. But I’m so clumsy today. I think I’ll probably keep a count with how many times I drop it from now on.

I haven’t dropped it while out and about, but I have knocked it off my nightstand every so often.

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Only dropped my phone once. It’s a nexus 5 and I dropped it from about 1½ to 2 feet on cement outside the doctor’s office a month ago. Didn’t break or scrape or anything really. I was flipping it over and over in my hands because I was bored, then it just dropped. Usually I never drop my phone. No insurance on it either, so I have to keep drops to a bare minimum.

My wife, however used to drop her iPhone at least twice a day and it never broke. She had a case on it though, so that probably helped.

Btw, a good case to get for any phone should extend past the screen a mm or 2 so if the phone falls, there’s no way for the glass to immediately impact the ground.

Also, a hard inside and soft (impact absorbing) outside is good too. This way the impact force dissipates and has to transition between a soft material and hard material. Energy always has issues transitioning between 2 different densities, it prevents a resonance from forming and sending a shock to the phone.

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Reminds me I got to buy a cover.

My phone isnt a smartphone and for some reason it’s super durable. I’ve dropped it on concrete multiple times and it’s fine. I would have gone though like several smartphones by now, dropping it like that.

I have one like that.

That’s why I have a cover on mines. I don’t drop it often but if I drop it and it gets damaged I will be tempted not to ever use it ever. I know I’m weird. Its an iphone 5.

I don’t own a cell phone. But a little kid threw my sisters phone into the ocean. I love that kid.