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I’ve done acid, tons of it in high school, hashish, pot, speed (black mollies they were called back then) plastidil, quaaludes, and mushrooms and cocaine one summer when I was 17…

I used to think I caused my schizophrenia with acid use but my pdoc assured me that it might’ve speeded up the time I got schizophrenia but it certainly didn’t cause it…

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Yea… Maybe it just sped up me getting psychosis… Idk. It makes me feel a bit better about myself. Actually my cpn even says to me that it probably wasn’t the drugs since it happened a month later. Idk y I doubt it so much :sob:

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i used to smoke weed started when i was 13, but first got introduced to drugs by accidentally taking too much cough syrup when i was sick, i didnt realize what i was doing and kept drinking it than one day at school i burst out into unexplainable happiness and a friend told me its probably the syrup. i took large doses of dxm a few times, smoked way too much weed on a daily basis, and had one bad experience with prescription stimulants which was enough for me. i dont want to even touch drugs now since i got psychosis but sometimes i do drink.

I’ve been hearing voices and seeing things since age 8 before I did any drugs. I started drinking alcohol at age 11 and did LSD once at 14. I abused opiates as a teenager and during college. I didn’t smoke marajuana until I was 30. I only drink alcohol occasionally now and nothing else.

I still do drugs, just weed but I doubt it led to my diagnosis. I think it was genetics.

Kudos to all involved for keeping this thread alive without it getting shut down.

Drugs are a big part of modern life and adult conversations about them are really good for our community.

It amazes me the people who have come out of addiction and had sz as well. Many of us struggle and self medicate. Society is full of drugs and we need to keep this conversation open!


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