Have you been restrained?

I was restrained once, but just as a standard precaution during transport. I wasn’t being aggressive and the EMTs felt real awkward doing it and apologized like 10 times.


Same here @ninjastar


I was never restrained or involuntarily hospitalized. But cops came to the house and called an ambulance as I was violent with my family. But when I saw the cops I got better and wasn’t violent. The cops told me to never stop my meds again so I didn’t.

My parents told the cops that I was violent.

yes, it was worst feeling. they treated like a crazy person.

Three times, in two different psyche wards. One of the worst experiences of my life. The first time I was about 20 years old and I was getting upset because I thought I was going to swallow my tongue and choke to dearh. No one was taking me seriously until I started getting a little upset and a little out of control. Then four burly psyche techs surrounded me, grabbed me and took me to the isolation room with nothing but a gurney in it. They proceeded to put these leather cuffs on all four limbs which were attached to the table by thick chains. I was face down, couldn’t move for four hours except once they let my arms free to pee in a plastic bucket then chained me back. Horrible and barbaric experience.

The other two times in a different ward were just your run of the mill restraints. I was about 28 years old.
Face down, a little yelling, some ranting and screaming. And that was just the three orderly’s.

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One time in the hospital I was restrained for three days.

Just once 151515151

Never have been restrained nope.