Have you been injected with ”booty juice”/sedatives?

I have but it was my fault

Lol Booty juice, never heard of that. They gave me sedative pills in mental hosputal as I was yelling and agitated. They threatened with an injection if I didn’t take them so I took them, made me sleep.

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For me the Zyprexa short acting shot didnt work in the sense that it didnt make me sleep

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Thats not a sedative, I was talking about sedatives like benzodiazepines injections.

Zyprexa didn’t work for me, I was psychotic and had insomnia on it.

But its an antipsychotic

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I don’t think antipsychotics are supposed to make you sleep as they’re not sedatives. Sedatives are benzodiazepines like Lorazepam.

They do sedate people with antipsychotics though

Maybe but for me they gave me benzodiazepines pills as they immediately made me sleep, antipsychotics never did that to me.

Why they injected me with an AP then

Were you taking pills? Were you aggressive when they injected you?

I was taking my meds and was aggressive too

Some antipsychotics have sedation as a side effect, so if a patient is agitated and psychotic, they might go the ap route.

I’ve never been injected, but during my first hospital stay, they did give me a benzo pill.

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Maybe bcz they don’t give benzos to minors as they’re addictive or bad maybe.

They did offer me a liquid benzo once tho at the psych ward but I refused to take it

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