Have you any ground breaking discoveries while going through a psychotic episode?

Can you share if you have any…?

Religion. Also some info about “riches in heaven”. Apparently there is money there, but it is more closely aligned to a person’s good will, so it is okay to revere. Reason why earthly wealth is shunned by religion is because it doesn’t go with you, and can make you compromise your morals.

Apparently you get donations for your affairs as well. All stored in a spiritual bank account of sorts. So your suffering isn’t for naught.

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I figured out I hallucinated. Not during but after. That’s when I started to think maybe the doctors were right and I was sick.


Prior to my psychoses - my value system was a little broken. I’d cheated on girlfriends, and been a bit of a dick to people in general.

During my psychoses I tend to get really hung up on one specific abstract concept. Power, Reciprocity, Reputation, Etc. And because my thoughts are racing - I philosophise and introspect extremely deeply about each of these topics (in between the super-paranoid spiralling thought-patterns and dellusional beliefs). The learnings from these periods of introspection have stayed with me long after the effects of my psychoses have gone.

And I have applied these learnings to myself and my life. I would say that my “character” has improved a heck of a lot as a result of the psychoses and that I’ve become more aware of my self and of a lot of other stuff.

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Yeah, I discovered three previously unknown continents. The natives were friendly enough, but just a little too pushy for my taste.

Any such thing would be delusional and should probably be ignored. Unless you are a chemist who discovers a new drug or something, which is not likely. 99.9% of these are gonna be delusions.

Funny note - I studied medicinal chemistry at uni. And discovered a number of new drugs. None were useful. But your description sounded just like me.

As for your belief that most discoveries when in psychosis are dellusion, Totally disagree - I’ve had plenty of great discoveries that have gone on to enable me to perform better at work, etc. Fully validatable.

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